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P-line vs. Yo-zuri hybrid

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I been trying yo-zuri hybrid 8# on one of my spinning reels and 12 # on a baitcaster and have become very fond of it. After comparing it to p-line flouroclear they seem to be very alike to one another. I know a huge number of you use p-line but I was curious if anyone has had long time use of this other stuff. I've had the 12# line on a curado for a month or so and really like it so far, I just put the line on a spinning reel the other day so I've only fished with that one once. Would you guys say this is comparable to p-line? Thanks. Josh
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Hey Josh......I've been using the yuri- hybrid line for some time now and I love it :p I still prefer Trilene-xl for my spinning rigs but only use Zuri on all my baitcasters 8)
Thanks for the reply. It sure does seem to be good stuff. Another thing I like about it is that it is supposed to last much longer than most other lines due to its coating. I think I'm going to stick with this stuff. Josh

I've been using flouroclear on my spinning reels for almost 2 years now. I have switched to P-line pure Flourocarbon for dropshot. I have some 10lb pure flouro on another reel and so far don't like it as well as the flouroclear in the heavier test. I am going to use it awhile longer, but I suspect will be switching back to the flouroclear whe it gets colder. I have used 8 and 10lb flouroclear in the past with no problems. Did have 12lb on at one time, but it was fairly stiff. I am using Shimano and Daiwa 2000 series reels.

Hope this helps
My opinion is still the same with the P-line. I think it stinks. I spooled it myself and it continuously spooled off. I had Waterdogs spool it for me last weekend for my Pattty tourney and about noon I switched back to Spiderline due to twist problems and also break offs. If there's one thing that I am no longer messing with is my Line. I am very satisfied with that crappy Spiderline from Wally world.

I've been using 8-pound P-line on my drop shot rod all summer and love all but one thing. This line is almost too strong -when I get hung up it is very difficult to break the line -most of the time my hook straightens out first. When it does break it normally breaks close to the reel and makes a very loud "crack" sound. I'm not a jumpy guy, but when that line cracks, it's kinda of a hair raising experience. Anyways my biggest fish on it this year is 6 pounds and I haven't been broken off a single time. I'm gonna keep using it, but I may switch to the 6 pound.
is the yo-zuri stuff that bright florescent blue stuff?
I'm not sure but I think yo-zuri makes Smoke, Green, and clear.
I was at Wal-mart in Payson about 2 yrs. ago and they had the 600 yard spools of Zuri for about $3.00 each so I baught 2 spools of lo-vis green and 2 spools of the smoke and have kicked myself ever since for not buying every spool they had on clearance that day........I prefer the green line better :D
6 pound p-line for drop shot on a BPS, IM8, bionic blade with a small Spirex spinning reel. I use the Yozuri 10 pound green on a large spinning reel and had no problems with line breakage. Yozuri is a very strong line! I interchange the use of that line. I use it for cranks and t-rigged worms. With all of the trees in Pleasant, a t-rigged worm or lizzard on Yozuri line is a good set up. :)
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