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hey you all...
It has been quite a while since I posted, but I plan on posting whenever I fish Papago or any Main AZ Lakes. Most of the time, I fish the ponds on the SCottsdale Bike Trail by my house on Roosevelt and Hayden. Okay, i went to Papago yesterday (11/24) and today (11/25), and ended up with a total of 7 fish for both days, 2 and 5 respectively, the biggest being a 3 1.2. All caught on a purple/blue flake Berkeley worm. The best part of the day was running into a guy named Juan, who gave me some great tips on fishing AZ lakes, and a lesson in using a Baitcast rig...the guy was a total gem, just the type I wanted to meet. He taught me how to baitcast in 15 minutes. I am buying a Quantum Accurist tomorrow. He gave me his # and told me that he fishes tourneys and welcomed me to call and join him! Great guy! He got me totally excited for my future fishing in AZ! Great site by the way, i hope to be the Urban connection on this site!!!

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Sounds like a good couple of days. Did you only fish pond 1? The latest AZ Hunter/Angler has an article on the ponds and it sounded like pond 2 was the best. Also be careful if you don't have an urban fishing license. I have read/seen that people are being checked.

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