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Parker Canyon store is open

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After being closed for a long time, there is a new concessionaire.
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Got to love the opening picture of Canyon Lake on the header, although my favorite is a toss up between the kayaker (with huge pine tress in the backgroung) and the copyright infringement of the photo taken inside a Cracker Barrel gift shop to represent the store down there. lol, Oh well, good to see this store back up and running and representing a lake down south. Just had to comment on the photos, a little mis-leading.
i talk to the owner of the store on sunday he said he going to do alot more stuff to it thats for sure.
Hey fishspec, not getting off the subject but when Pena is done are you going to take bids for a clubhouse with rentals and bait and such. I wish you would'nt because after you guys shut the rentals down there it seemed to keep all the riffraff from the other side of the border from ruining the place. There where times when we where the only boat on the lake. It would be good to keep it that way. Just my opinion.
The Department has nothing to do with the stores, these are Forest Service properties and it is their call on the concessoinaires. I fully expect to see something at Pena Blanca- but I wouldn't expect to see it any time soon.
You can definitely tell from the web site that californians bought the place, or someone that doesnt know much about what is going on around here. Yuppie. Store should be good with all the money thats being dumped into the place
Good Guy

I have talked to the new owner several times. He seems to be a hard working, honest, good guy. He always seems to have on some "Rod and Gun Club" tee shirt but I wont hold that against him. I go in there and and but stuff I dont even need just to support him a little. I think all in all he is good for the lake. And you have to admit that the website is about as good it gets for any small lake.

The web site says motors are restricted to 10hp. I've noticed other smaller lakes with similar restrictions.At lakes like this, is it okay to launch a boat with a larger motor if you only use the trolling motor?
Big Motor

You can launch anything you want. I see big HP rigs in the lake every single day I am there. In fact jsut about every time I go I see one of these rigs runnin the big motor. They will use the big motor to idle across the lake or back to the dock. Now I do think this is illegal but I have never heard anyone complain let alone seen or heard of a ticket for it.

I jsut putz around in my little 10hp BassCrapper.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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