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parker canyon

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heading down to parker canyon friday morning... how has the fishing been? What have they been hitting? thanks in advance.
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Howdy Beepbeep,

I was out there last Friday late afternoon and Sunday morning. Had a great time with the bass and bluegills. Unfortunately all the bass that I connected with were at the 8 ~ 9 inch range. The one and only larger one did the typical aerial release before getting my hand on it. Some seriously big bluegills, many of them larger than my open hand.

I was using an ultralight rig, 4 lb test, and assorted jigs 1/8th oz or less.

Most of the takes were pretty light so you'll need to be on the line as soon as it hits the water. I would say 90% would take the bait within 0 ~ 2 seconds of hitting the water.

Only had two really smashing type hits, one was that really huge < at least to me > bluegill which hit right as I was lifting to clear an obstacle. The other as I was trying to tension the line from blowing into some branches.

Hope this helps, and enjoy!

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thanks, I haven't tied into a big (6") bluegill in over 40 years. think I'll take the ul and give them a try.
Fish in the tullies or deep. The water is extremely clear. Although, I did stick a couple up against the shore in the weeds. With all those weeds, i didn't get a single turn on a frog.
We went sunday, our best trip out there, put six in the boat. One from crank, the rest from wacky rigged worms. Super clear water, and a dead bit really. Probably a storm in the night before killed the bite. We will be heading back, now that we know how to catch em out there. All fish were dinks, except the last one which was close to 2 lbs. Saw a bobcat on the way in, alive. And a dead javalina on the way out. Water was warm as well. Good luck, like Danw said, try deep. we were fishing from a small boat, and worked the weed line. Very few fish were showing on the finder as well.
thanks to all... I was hoping for a good topwater bite early, but you got to go with what the fish give you.
I flipped quite a few fish, on red magic craw swirl beavers. Nothing more than 2 lbs. I also caught two huge bullfrogs on my frog, out of boredom, from the backs of coves. The shallows on the north end produced the best. I can usually manage a 4+ out of Parker, but no bueno this time.
agreed with DanW - Parker was our original stomping grounds in the early/mid summer and did quite well. bite has been awful the past month or so. also cought a bullfrog on a lizard...weirdest shit ever. jumped through the hydrilla and pounced on it...

a few weeks back my buddy and i were flipping weightless Zoom trick worms (green pumpkin/chartreuse tail) in the shallows on the North end (on the right as your heading into the North end of the lake) and we managed to pull a 3 and a 3.5lb in a matter of 30 minutes. Chartreuse spinner (1/4 oz) yielded a few 1-2lbs as well. The bites pretty good from 0500 until around 0730.

after that, have fun with the bluegill. i think the bass set their alarms to head to the depths at that least it seems that way to us.

oh, and the first rock ledge leading into the North end is a pretty decent area as well.

good luck.
I concur, the fun was had early on in the daylight but about mid morning things pretty much slowed.

I worked the north end of the lake too and ended up trying out the first large inlet near the campgrounds. I poked about the weeds with the jigs and got nothing. Tried the rocks on the west side of the inlet too and didn't get anything there either. Checked the clock and it was time to head home.

In the canoe it was basically an extended flipping technique. I sent it in as close to shore as I dared and work the jig back out at a reasonable pace.

So most of the fun was right around the marina area. Since I'm in a canoe and under my own power, conservation of energy, mine, was the way to go.

Have fun out there. If all works out as I intend I might be able to make a run out there again this Friday afternoon.

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