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On the Parker River at 0545 fri morning. Brother catches small fish and @ 0600 catches a 3lb'r on TW. Caught plenty of fish all morning, but lacked size. Had a blast with all those smallies, though never caught a LM.
Fri. evening headed up the river on Havasu and started catching fish right away on SB and frogs. Caught a couple smallies, one striper, and a few lm's. Storm came in and we headed out of the river to beat some of the traffic at the launch ramp.
Got up Sat. morning n drove down to Cattail to launch and fished main lake for about an hour and then headed down to the Bill Williams. Was pleased that we were able to get in there this time. Started catching fish on SB and Frogs right away, then it started to rain and the reaction bite seized. Started flipping and continued to catch fish all morning in the rain. It was a nice long rain, but it seemed to only slow down the reaction bite. Probably ended up with 30-35 healthy fish out of the river. All LM in the river, biggest going about 3lbs but a lot of healthy 2-2 1/2 lbers.
Had a great weekend fishing and got to get into some good smallie fishing and ended it with frog fishing on Havasu.
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