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Partner/backseat wanted JackAz Bass Amateurs

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I am looking for a backseat for the 29th and possibly for the entire series. PM me if interested.

ackAz Bass Amateurs Only Tournament Schedule
August 29 Roosevelt - Schoolhouse October 3 Bartlett October 31 Bartlett December 5 Bartlett February 6 Roosevelt* March 6 Bartlett* April 10 San Carlos May 14 & 15 Championship - Bartlett*
Official Rules

1. This circuit is for amateurs and weekend anglers only. If you have ever fished a tournament as a "boater" and paid a basic entry fee (does not include options) of $350 or more, you are not eligible to fish this series. Should you ignore this rule and enter a "JackAZ Amateurs Only" event, your entry fee and awards (if any) will be immediately forfeited. If have questions contact Jack Lewis at 480-229-8892.

2. If you are a licensed fishing guide, you may not fish "JackAZ Amateurs Only".

3. Five fish limit - No length minimum or maximum except on slot lakes: Roosevelt and Alamo.

4. Life vest on only when boat on plane.

5. Penalty for dead fish: 0.20 pounds.

6. Boat should be equipped with live wells and a kill switch. Portable aerated livewells acceptable.

7. Tournament lake becomes off limits Sunday at midnight before tournament date.

8. No whiners and crybabies.

9. Any of the following will Immediately DISQUALIFY your team from the tournament with forfeiture of entry fee: Possession/consumption of alcohol or drugs during tournament hours, unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe boating, possession of live bait (Artificial lures and baits only. Pork is allowed.), or violation of any Game and Fish Regulation or AZ Law

10. Late penalty: One pound per minute up to 15 minutes, over 15 minutes will result in DQ.

11. No fishing within 100 feet of the gas pumps. Fish in the marina at your own risk.

12. The following teams qualify for the Amateurs Only Championship:

§ The top 35 teams in the point standings

§ The seven tournament winners.

§ The team catching the big fish of the year.
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Your going to play with the big boys?
I know, I was just playin. Good luck out there.
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