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Patagonia Elite

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Patagonia Elite Fishing Series this Saturday August 31. Starts at 5 ends at 12. $125 entry fee 100% payback, 3 fish limit.

Anyone can fish as long as you have a working livewell.

We will have over 20 boats so get there a little early and get signed up. Parking my be tuff but you can park on the hill that is on the other side.
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someone at tucson bass told me it starts at 7pm, is that true?
ha ha. you got a couple guys worked up there
That's my plan at work too. Don't forget to take a long lunch to make up for it!
Vu that is not true same time as always 5-12, by the way who said that and why would they say that.
Ri and I said that joking with him lol.........
i know you guys were joking.
Oh ok...i just didnt want anyone getting confused. Or let Dennis think he can show up at 7 and leave at 9 lololololololol............
Isn't the tourney on Saturday the 29th of August??? Not trying to sharpshoot anyone just wondering.
yes this saturday 29th
yeah thats right. sorry i didnt even catch that, its the 29th... my bad
anybody needs a back seat
backseat ot backseater give me a call or text tomorrow night. 5202363948 if i dont answer send text. will have cell service around 6ish
wtg.. the ASIAN , CAUCASIAN TEAM!! Ri Nay and shiman. nice bag with 15lbs!! finally Shiman!!
Nice Job Guys!! Awesome bag. Fishing seemed pretty good for everyone. I am amazed how someone always catches a good bag down there. Just when you think you have done well someone comes over the top. If you don't have 14 plus you don't stand a chance to win it.
nice fish Chris. did you win big fish?
nice job Ri and Shan.I was wondering when you guys would get hot again in the elite it was just a matter of time. see you guys in sept.
nice fish Chris. did you win big fish?
Ya, 5th place overall with an 7.76 Big Fish. I think I missed 4th by .11 pounds. It was good to finally cash though its been a long year of donating!:)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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