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Payson, Rim, Heber area boat lakes

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Taking a rare trip up north and would like to take the 17ft alum with a 90 h.p. Mercury and trolling motor. Are there lakes in these areas where I can run the gas motor, launch the boat? Are there lakes that are electric only? Do I have a chance of catching bass or just trout. Thanks for your time and any info you can share. Semper Fi, Viet Nam Vet '67 & 1968
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Only electric motors, Except willow springs you can have 9.9 hp, you can put your boat on willow springs and get aroung just fine. ther are largemouth and small mouth there.
thanks Fin, I did some internet searching and I guess I can keep the big motor out of the water and be ok with the electric. thanks for your helpful info
if you get as far as pinetop,lakeside hit scotts res. not the most scenic lake but I got a couple LM there 2nd about 3lbs in the 25 min. I fished. and the drunk indian next to me caught a 5lber on his second cast and then passed out. If I had a boat and a couple hours I wouldve slayed fish.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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