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Phase converter ???

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My brother in law has an old air compressor that is 3 phase. Question for you electrical gurus is. Is it going to better for me to run it on a phase converter or buy a single phase motor and change it over? From what I have heard the 3 phase motors are alot better but how do they do on a converter? It looks like it is going to be the same price either way I go.
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not an electric guru but bought a convertor from and never had any problems
Great website, thanks. I guess I would need a 10hp converter for the 5hp motor on it. I will give them a call on Monday and double check on that. I don't think it is going to be worth it if I have to buy the 10hp one.
Static phase convertors dont work very well with compressors due to the load and amp draw. I have run 7.5 hp spindle motors on statics convertors for years 18 hours a day and never had a problem, but on a compressor I had some issues.

A rotary convertor is your best bet, however they are expensive. but worth it.

Personally I would goto grainger and buy a 10hp single phase motor in 220 volt. it would be the same cost as buying a phase convertor and maybe less . Make sure you get a the correct motor one that is compressor rated( it will handle more amps under a load).
you will draw more amps with a single phase compressor than a three phase. I think its like around 30% more but cant remember exactly.

Del, would I need a 10hp single phase to replace the 5hp 3 phase?
No you can use a 5hp, I just thought you said a 10hp compressor thats why I said 10hp

shit 5hp motors are a dime a dozen 10 hp motors are more expensive

If you find a used one for a compressor at a good price let me know. Looking for new ones Grainger was over 500.00 but found them on Ebay for 275 plus shipping so I have to see what that will run.
I dont buy used shit like that, I usually goto grainger and get one.

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