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Phoenix fishing supply???

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How is this store? Soon I will be treating myself to a new Stradic and figured instead of mail ordering it I would check out a local store....hows the rod/reel/bait selection? I hear its a big place.....
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Its good you are planning on buying your Stradic locally! Support our local tackle stores. I don't like to think of a time when all the local stores have succumbed to the competition from the big mail order houses, e-bay, and the big box stores. The prices on the big ticket items are going to be the same or close to it, but you get to see it up close, hold it, kick the tires so to speak, and get your questions answered by people who know. Best of all you get to take it home with you now vs. waitng for the UPS truck. That's real nice after you lost your last Lucky Craft Pointer pre-fishing, the tournament's on Saturday, and its the only thing that's working! Sure, you'll pay a little more for lures and stuff, but I've never had BassProShops tell me what's working on Pleasant either.

In case you don't know, Bear Mountain Sports in Mesa gives 10% off on rods and reels and 25% off other tackle if you mention you heard it on AZBassPro. Tell them Denny sent you and they'll say "Who?"
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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