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Phoenix zoo lmb

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So as I was driving by the zoo today I noticed one of the small ponds off of mill/van buren ave, this got me thinking. Do you think that any of the waters on the zoo's property could hold a state record or close to a state record lmb.
I'm sure everybody has seen large bass at the entrance lagoon or in what used to be the alligator ponds(don't know if its still open).
Do you think its a possibility?
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That's a good question... Makes me wanna go chuck some jigs in there and find out!
For as long as the zoo has been around I would say yes, no question about it.
back in the early 90's I was privy to fish the zoo ponds as part of G&F stocking Papago Park ponds. In a nutshell, the bite was insane but the quality of fish was not anything as to what we thought it would be...4 lbs about the biggest if I remember correctly. Is it it
They used to have fishing derbies when Legend city was around. I had my picture taken by the Republic/Gazette with my #2 son sitting on my lap fishing.(He's 44 years old now.
Way before the zoo was there it was a fish hatchery.
A few years ago someone caught a 11 pound bass out of there during spawn and the fishing report said he throw it back in pond number 1. I'm not sure if it is still there or not but if it was it would be bigger now
I'm curious how many of you ninja fisherman have tried to fish the zoo.
I've fished it once, threw a jig for maybe 5 minutes. Hooked and caught a solid 4 but when he was tailwalking he alerted security and they came and threw us out.
Ive stuck fish over eight pounds in pond #2. i think there are much bigger in the zoo ponds for sure cause ive seen them
My friend used to fish pond #2 in the mid 90s when he was stayin at our house going to ASU and he used to pull 4s and 5s often. I go now and then and see ones that are pushing atleast 8-9 pounds.
Just remember some of that water around the zoo is aligator habitat... Just make sure you are the catcher, not the catchee!
There are some slab crappie in there too, that you can see almost everywhere.
the ponds IN the zoo have some toads in them, PAPAGO has some big ones, but i would say not as big as IN the zoo
Too bad, I had also heard that at one time this area was a fish hatchery. it would be an idel location for breeding ponds for LMB.
Turf Paradise used to have some toads.
Why was the alligator exibit closed at the phx zoo?
Why was the alligator exibit closed at the phx zoo?
You sign up on a bass forum to bump a 3 year old thread and ask about alligators at the zoo?
You sign up on a bass forum to bump a 3 year old thread and ask about alligators at the zoo?
Maybe he likes alligators more than bass

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