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picking a tourney partner

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Putting all things aside like your regular partner you have now :shock: Who would you pick to be your partner? Like what strenghts would you like them to have ? and I do not mean a nice truck or boat or deep pockets either. Would you pick someone from this board or someone else. Could someone like DEL liven up your day ( I am not making fun of DEL either okay) or would it be boatcop who could make you wonder at the gene pool that is swimming around in the lakes at time or would you choose spidey just to see if he figured out someway to mount another rod in that boat :D . Day in and Day out I at all times of the year I would
have to pick tinstar not because he is my brother and no we have not fished ant big tourney's together even though the ones we do fish we cash in them :p it's because no matter the bite or the weather the no good rotten sucker always puts fish in the boat I have seen him toss his secret weapon during the hottest summer months and pop fish I have fished in front of him and he could be munching a sandwich and sticking fish behind me :evil: using the same dang bait. There is almost 100% of the time a limit in the boat and that has to make you feel good no matter the water condition. Enough about the punk just wondering who you all would pick even to fish 1 tourney with.
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I think I'd look for Tinstar as a partner! 8)
What's the secret bait? :twisted:

Well I have only had the pleasur of fishing with one person that posts on the site...........Lone Ranger. I would take him as a wing man, he has the same determination as myself, and the two times out he has outfished me! Great company and conversation. So as it stands right now that would be my pick. I think he would be the one to pick a partner, quite a few people enjoy his company.
I have yet to fish any tournaments, except for a couple of WDW Weds nighters with DelW, but I have fished with several others from this and other forums, all of whom I wouldn't mind fishing more with. I think my first priority would be find someone who compliments your personality and fishing style. You will be spending a lot of time together and if you are both comfortable with each other, you will in turn fish better. You both should also be flexible to try new areas/techniques as conditions dictate. Speaking as a dedicated back-seater, it is also important to have a partner who allows you equal opportunity at catching fish.

Just my .02.
I do agree, flexiblity is partner is a shallow water guy, and Im a deep water guy, yet somehow we intertwine (My word of the day) it all and end up catching fish. If youre a non boater and your partner wont even take your ideas into consideration, then in my opinion, you are wasting your time and money and need to get out of there as fast as you can.
I'd say it would have to be D A. Whether it's Pleasant or Saguaro, he seems to find the fish. Everytime I fish with him or around him, he teaches me things I didn't know or shows me spots that I wasn't aware of. He can pre-fish just about anytime because he's retired. He's dependable, his boat starts, he's easy going and a pleasure to be around. He already fishes tourneys, so he's used to the pace and stress level. So... even though I don't do tourneys, he'd be my pick, even though I'm sure I wouldn't be his first choice. I'm sure he'd like to cash checks every once in a while. Walkerdawg would be a close second. He's taking me to school on our trips lately. He's getting these "gut" feelings that seem to put us on fish when we're not boating em. Bayou's up there too. Our styles and approaches are almost identical. We usually put fish in the boat when we fish together. I'd fish with any of the 3 I mentioned in a heartbeat. There are honestly too many good choices out there. I've fished with some great guys that can fish. Besides the need to catch fish to place, getting along with your partner is important. Someday maybe I'll get back into the tourney thing (maybe). For now, I don't feel the need to compete. I just enjoy hanging out with good friends and spending a day on the water.
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This will get people going.

The partner who puts the time on the water usually makes the decisions, Let me explain Using Kurt and I.

Kurt dont have time to pre fish, and I do. I also love to fish. While I am set in my ways I do try other things but only when prefishing never in a tourny, cause I am not going to waste my time and money trying something new during a tourny. Kurt expects me to be on fish come tourny day. If I am not He will make fun of me. :wink: And I will never hear the end of it.
Tourny day is a whole nother season(if you fish many tournys at lake pleasant you will understand) during prefishing you can pull up 10-20 lbs per day not fish thursday and friday and come sat boom your lucky to get 6-8lbs.

The most important thing you need from a partner is a great relationship and someone who will fish hard the whole thing. that means no taking it easy, no day dreaming. No second guessing each other. If one guy wants to try something lets say dropshotting the other guy doesnt toss a c-rig in 80 feet of water. if one guy tosses topwater and moves on the banks your partner doesnt decided to dropshot while your doing it.. He needs to have the common sence that if your tossing a spinner bait and working the banks he is going to do something that will not slow you up(wether this be boater or nonboater.)

Only had 2 fishing partners that I could fish tournys with and be comfortable that would be Ron ,Bobby and Kurt.

the worse thing that you can have is a partner that wants to sit in the boat and not fish hard. complain about every little thing change is baits every five mins to something new etc.

Dont get me wrong if kurt wants to try another spot we will but if we are putting fish in the boat and the fish stop biting is when that decision is made.

Kurt and I have made some dumb ass out of this world decisions on where to try and what to use(and it worked unexpectidly)

I know tomorrow we will be going to kurts spot first cause he was the last one to fish and was on fish sunday and we were both on fish on sat right at the last hour.

Obviously fun fishing is a completely different ball game. and since I very rarely do it , I dont care if my partner sleeps on the boat.

Kurt I hope you have that 80lb wire leader on cause we are c-rigging Ricos in 200 feet of water tomorrow.


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Sorry Delw, but I caught all your C rigged Rico fish yesterday. :lol: Go with the deep diving buzzbaits though, in bright orange. And make sur eyou put som e sunblock on those new worms you got, the fish love it! It will 'Make them bite and not let go'!
Seriously though, A tourney is the only time I will do the exact same thing my partner is doing, if it is producing. (Ex being Rosey, Dan and I both were dropshotting the same bait once we found them)...when trying to find fish I always try something different. As a backseater, if I get hung up while the guy up front is trucking down the bank, I will break it off and not give a crap. Thats why I buy my terminal stuff in bulk :lol: if its a TD minnow, I might open my bail and jump in (As quietly as possible)........
I rarely if ever fish tournaments. But if I were to choose, I would think most anybody from the MMBC would be a good candidate. da, Ken, or Rippinbladder would be good choices. I can't leave Toad off of that list. No matter the time of day, day of week, weather/water conditions, or if he is sick, he is ready to go and willing to fish hard. We blend well because we don't usually use the same baits or ideas on what may work. This increases our choices and helps us to find that special thing that is working. Now if you are talking about a skipping contest, I would want an experienced skipper. We all know who we would want in our back seat.
Delw said:
Only had 2 fishing partners that I could fish tournys with and be comfortable that would be Ron ,Bobby and Kurt.Delw
One of those THREE must be a really little guy if you had 2! :twisted: :lol:

Me? I don't fish any tourneys.....yet. :wink: Got a whole lot to learn before anything like that, don't want to slow anyone down and would like to hold up my end of the fishing. However, for fishing partners, there's a lot of folks out there it would be a privilege to fish with and right now I'm enjoying fishing with the other "fishing chicks". 8)
Oh man my math skills are off also. :oops:

For fun fishing / and wednesday nght tournys ...Id take anyone of these guys out that I have met on the board, and I have fished with a few and had a good time all the time.

My thanks to Gallbladderlips for the kind words. :lol:

I ain't naming names though, I've got to keep the few friends that I have. I do require that a partner knows how to count Delw!
I would pick Hank Parker.In my opinion the most well rounded angler I have ever known.Full of ideas, well seasoned,can intimidate most anglers including pros,very fast with his hands,thinks deeper then the pattern/bite, can find a spot on a spot, willing to teach other anglers even though it may be a two dayer he will help other struggling anglers with tips,not spots.never lies about what he's catching them on. Can feel a bass swim up to his carolina rig without it touching it. Meaning the push of the water. located a school of fish in 1987 prefishing for the american scholarship circut Lake of the Ozarks with this feel of his,looked at them with the flasher never catching a single fish and decided this would be our starting spot. He did this with a Mr.twister 4" lizard Black,We came back in three days fished a Creme 6" motoroil lizard and loaded the boat.Gave me public credit for help in finding the fish when I had nothing to do with it and never would have found those fish. He explained how to feel this push of water and showed me and I have worked on this ever since and have only one time maybe have felt this. All around nice guy, no ego, willing to help and teach, will talk as long as you want to and you can tell he enjoys it. You can ask him questions over the phone about spots and describe what the situation is and he will give you his ideas. In 1997 He told Chris Carver where to find his fish to win the redman all american in LaCrosse Wi. Chris never moved from the spot for three days of tourney fishing. $i25,000 and a fully rigged ranger bassboat. I guess I could go on and on But I guess theres one more important reason He's my friend,and I'll never forget that.
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I have fished with alot of people, I want someone that will fish hard all day long and not get frustrated. Someone that can fish all kinds of baits, Sankos, spoons, dropshot, topwater etc. Someone that can take a joke and put up with my singing. Plain and simple, A happy person. Nothin worse than fishin with someone with a corn cob up their [email protected]#
I always liked Hank Parker's TV show. He came across exactly as you described him Darryl. Good Choice!
Someone that fishes hard and has an open mind and willing to take a risk on a different bite pattern etc..................
Open mind is the key............
Most people don't have an open mind(they think they do)

I know a guy who told me he wouldn't chase fish busting shad in a tourney.........You know who you are :lol:

And I beleive that's the difference between in the money, and donating your money, sometimes you have to take risks to win it the tourneys on t.v those guys take risks all the time.........................Franklin
Oops! The fishing chick post was mine. I was at work.....working REALLY hard :lol: and forgot to sign it. blonde considered an open mind? :lol:
Those are some really informative posts, I learned a lot just reading whats been said. It kind of makes me wonder how I've been as a backseater the few times I've done it. I don't fish from the backseat often, maybe once every couple months. I don't at all mind it, in fact, I really enjoy fishing in the back with a good partner and just taking a day off and letting the guy in front think about what to do to catch fish. On the other hand, I love being in control and making the decisions on what to do, even if they aren't quite what some more experienced guys would do.
I think I'm getting better at the backseating thing when I do it. I know the first time I fished with Ken, it was my first time backseating with anyone, my first time in a bass boat, I was still in the learing process with baitcasting gear, and the added pressure that I was fishing with Ken Levy made me pretty dang nervous! I feel I am doing a better job now after I've gotten a little experience.
When I start fishing tournaments I'm going to have to backseat for atleast a couple years. I'm going to have to find a partner and learn to make the adjustment to him. What are some things that I should do to make me a more effective backseater? What should I do to make me a desireable tournamnent partner? I know it'll be tough to find one, I don't know many people who want to fish tournments with a 15 year old. Any ideas?
Thanks, Josh
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Well Josh sounds like you have a pretty good idea about what people are looking for. I think picking a good seasoned partner is the best idea. But you have to be willing to try and experment other ways of fishing. God know i HATE to drop-shot,but after fishing with Del all the time i guess i never liked it because i never can catch fish that way. But i have stayed at it and have learned alot from Del and now cant wait til tommorow to go drop shot my new honey hole. So i guess the best advise to a backseater is to be willing to try differant ideas on how to fish.
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