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Playing Music?

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With the talk of playing music..... I was curious how many of you play music on your boats (or tubes) while fishing. If I turn my bass down some and don't crank the volume, do you think it bothers the fish? And of course, back in a quite cove you would'nt play it. Or do you think the echos spooks them?
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My dad just put a stereo into our bass fishing boat and I was wondering the same thing. I was curious how loud it is to the fish or if it is really loud to the fish at night.......
I play music, not loudly but just enough for me to here. it does not bother them. they here boat engines all day.
My daughter said if I put a cd player and a good set of speakers in the boat she will fish with me again.

I like loud music!

in my other boat I had a stereo that would play whenever it wanted. I would turn it on and sometimes it would stay on and sometimes it would come and go. I actually started talking to it since it acted so much like my wife! But if the radio was on I still caught fish. I also found out that Saguaro fish like old Van Halen and didnt like Alan Jackson. Must be that country thing again. For Christmas I'm installing a new CD player maybe then I start catching more fish. Chris
I don't think it matters that much, although I wouldn't blast it for the rest of the fishermen to hear. Since water is about 5 times denser than air, anything that transmits sound directly into the water will impact the fishing. E.g. dropping or scraping a tackle box on the bottom of an aluminum boat or banging an anchor against the side of the boat. Sound waves from talking or playing music I don't think will be directed back into the water and to the fish.
Lone Ranger, you're remembering that sound travels 5 times faster in water than it does in air. Water is actually 800 times denser than air and sound travels easier under water so it travels farther and faster. I doubt that voices make the trip underwater because a great deal of the sound waves would be reflected off the water's surface. I would think that music from speakers mounted on the boat would be audible underwater because the vibrations from the speakers are tightly connected to the hull and the hull is in the water.

The real question becomes does it bother the fish? We already generate so much noise with our trolling motors, depth finders, and baits hitting the water the fish know we're around long before they see our baits so like Boat Cop says, it probably doesn't matter.

The next question is, if NedO2 or RookieBoy fall in the water and there are no fish around, do they really scream like a little girl? :D
I think I will get a huge pontoon and have neil diamond set up on it...I will tow a generator around too, and we will spend the rest of the days cruising up to tourney fishermen playing songs to them. Of course I will be dragging a DS rig around, bc fish dig Neil!
Da I DID NOT SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! though I did whine a bit when I Knocked myself sillier on those 2x6 bunks.Rookieboy on the otherhand is a whole different story! Lippy say's he keeps calling that cell phone and crying.
This past year I fished both of the BASS tour events in California as an ametuer. One of the biggest surprises I have ever had in 12 years of tournamnet fishing was when I fished with Mark Rizk, a well known Calfornia pro who now lives in Alabama.. We pulled into our first spot and the first thing he did was turn on a boom box he had laying on the bottom of the boat. It was dialed to a Hard Rock station and he never turned it off all day, over 9 hours. At first it was extremely distracting, but I eventually "tuned it out". He says that he always listens to the radio while he fishes and he has nevr seen where it spooked the fish.

In fact we spent some time in a secluded cove, during high sun and calm water sight fishing. The radio was blasting, but the fish didn't care. We caught fish off of beds.

After spending that day, I am now convinced that the music has absoultely no effect on the fish. The only thing it has an effect on is the angler.

I think that the fact that well known pro who has been very successful while playing music in the boat is the ultimate answer to your question.
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Speaking of songs

that one is good.

d a wrote:
The next question is, if NedO2 or RookieBoy fall in the water and there are no fish around, do they really scream like a little girl?
I scream like a big girl! :eek:
If Matt falls in the water in the middle of January,and know ones around...does the shrivel factor matter?? :lol:
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