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Fished from 1030-1600. Aw hell, missed one on 1st cast in 35', light c-rig. Marked a ton of fish in 33-36 feet, and found a nice drop w/ fish, but opted to try the shallows with a blade and see if I can spot some fish. No fish. Water's up though. Went to Castle Creek and dropshotted/ fish. Figured I had 2 spots with fish back in 33-35 feet, so I went back. No fish on graph. Bad bad bad. Wormed out there anyways and caught nanda nada nada. Hit up my reliable spot and got a 10" monster...blamed it on the tournament and went home. If that damn Gatorade machine steals another dollar I will take it out and sink it in the lake. There's always next weekend!
Jason :?
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