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Pleasant 12/7

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Fished from 7-12:30 with FEW. Was a weird weather day. Went from cold to sunny/hot to windy/cold. I caught 4 and FEW caught 10+. I think he was front-seating me, couldn't be that I suck. :lol: Bite shut down when the temp dropped. Most fish caught dshotting a 1/2 oz bubblegum buzzbait anywhere fro 1-100'. Did catch a few ripping a hover lure. Most important part was the good company. It was nice finally getting on the water again.

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I do agree, the weather was WIERD. WTG on the buzzbait dropshot fish, how did you find out about my secret bait? :lol:
buzzbaits on a dropshot rod ?

hey steve,i think i know who you are im ivan friend who was with him when he was selling his tackle awhile back in the white ford did you say you have ben dropshotting buzzbaits at pleasant could you give me some detail on how excactly your doing that what size dropweight,leaderlength and how you are working it ???? :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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