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I fished today with Wayne (Nastybasser) safelight - 2:15pm. We stuck 20 fish, but most of them were rats. Our five best fish weighed 7.80 pounds. We missed a check by .35 pounds. For us,very few fish were caught on topwater. Mostly dropshot with four inch finesse worms.
Big fish in the tourney was 4.5 pounds and heaviest limit was 10.5 (?) pounds. It was a good day on the water. We saw Samario, d a & George, Delw & Mr. Bass ?. I also met a lot of other interesting characters out there today as well!
Wayne I will do much better on the Nov 1 st MBC. Randy runs a great tourney! it was fun to watch them toss some free gifts out and there were no issues at the scales. Hotdogs, chili,chips, ice cream bars, and sodas went down real easy too! Only two fish parished during the weigh in. I'm sure somebody will be feasting on them real soon. Tightlines!!! :D
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