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Went out alone, on the water at 1000, first fish by 1010 :lol: out on one of the submerged islands. Wanted to try a tatic I used to use a lot today and have gotten away from, and it worked. Fished for about 2.5 more hours with nanda, tried a different area and found them. Had 2 more keepers, one going 3 lbs 5 ozs, and another dink. Total for 3 fish 5lbs 11 oz, not too bad. Left while the fish were biting b/c I was taking Franklin out the next day and wanted to see if even he could get a fish. Nightcrawler, did you fish Pleasant this day? All fish on plastics.

Got on the water at 0930, first fish by 0940! Real overcast and light rain. Colder today, so the 20' where I was getting my fish wasnt working...think they moved out a little. Graphed some fish in 40' right on the bottom but didnt fish them. Probably should have. Fished the marina area and put a dink in the boat dropshotting a purple worm in 15' and that was it. Lots of Everstart guys fishing, and lots of them not catching anything. I had a few guys asking where's, what's, hows, all that. Should be interesting to see how everyone does.
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