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Pleasant - Saturday 10/25

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Fished with Joe Owens on Pleasant today. We boated 8 quality fish from 2-3 lbs apiece on a variety of lures (topwater, spinnerbaits, T-rigged and C-rigged plastics, dropshots and jigs). After that, we began checking out other spots and shook off about 15 more fish while preparing for an upcoming tournament next weekend. Great company and great day on the water today.
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Hey Howard!
Glad to hear that you had a productive day on Pleasant, I have never fished there but I may check it out soon. I have been fishing the Greenbelt ponds in SCottsdale, and catching alot of fish, usually T-Rigging or drop-shotting roboworms. Dad and I went out to Sag. on Wed., and we only managed one fish, a little guy caught on a popper by the snags. Hope to hear from you soon Howard, I am not sure if you received the email that I sent you, but send me a reply or call me at 602-402-3488. We can arrange a trip to the Oasis again if you'd like. Take care!
Mark P.
Using a Guide to prepare for a tournament tsk tsk tsk

Hey Guest, why don't you identify yourself? Joe is my partner for this tournament. He's been boatless for a month or so as his boat was wrecked by another driver and he's been fighting with his insurance company. His home lake is Canyon, he does fish Saguaro other times, and Pleasant a few times per year. Other guys will probably invite BASS pros like John Murray and Mark Kile. Are you going to say "tsk tsk tsk" to them too?

Sound like you guys are ready for next weekend. Good luck. Hope your pattern/spots hold with the rising water and cooling temperatures.

Thanks Steve. I'm looking forward to it.
Thanks Bayou. It should be interesting. Other than our casual MMBC PD Classic tourney last Feb. 17, it's been 8-9 years since I fished a tournament! So I'm not in tournament form for sure. :roll:
Well Howard wish you the best of luck. I`ll Be there fishing with Delw in that tourny. Should be alot of fun. Randy sure has a good tourny and its alot of fun. Hope to see ya there.
Thanks MRBASS, same to you to. I think Delw knows Pleasant better than his backyard! What kind/color/motor will you guys be fishing out of? See ya'll out there.
Easy Money

I bet Howard and Joe place in the top 10 this weekend at the Ranger Tourny.

If they don't, it will be a fluke.
Good Luck HH
Joe C

P.S. I hope those pics are ok
That was the 2nd coolest critter I have ever seen
Well Howard we will be in my Blue and silver skeeter for the MBC tourny saturday,and Dels Green and while Ranger Sunday,
Need to do well saturday to aford sunday...hehehe good luck!!
Green and while? or you mean green and white :wink:

Dont forget aprils gotta work sunday kurt so its going to be iffy . but just incase I got this

you going to pass that to your wife LMAO, if you do it looks like you will be mowing the lawn again on sat.


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