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Fish UnPleasant today from 6am to 1pm. Arrived at 5:30 am. Pretty strong winds. When it became daylight I looked out on the lake and all you could see were whitecaps. Damn weather man forecasting 5-10 mph winds. Try about 15 to 20. The sheriffs wind warning strobe lights were flashing. Fished the tires at the marina, nada. Fished the marina cove, 1 dink on a drop shot. And thats the way the whole day went. Should have stayed in bed this morning. Basically all I got was a sun and wind burn. I guess thats why they call it fishin! Rich

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Dang Rich

Sorry for the tough day. Makes me glad I did stay in bed. I was all loaded up to head out Sat night. Was going to go out in my kickboat. Woke up at 4, said the heck with it and went back to bed. The wind out there makes it real frustrating. It can be dead calm at my house(83rd&Tbird) and blowing like a gale on the lake.

Hope your next trip is better.

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