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Please take a few moments to read my daughters letter, she has been accepted to attend Salpointe, She is truly an amazing kid !!!!

Hi my name is Brandy Kishbaugh, I am 14 years old and I currently I have a problem, will you help me? I have two major goals in life. My first goal is to play volleyball in college. I cannot imagine a world without volleyball. My second is to follow my passions and further my education. Maybe I’ll be an orthodontist or an engineer. I might become a scientist or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

While I do not know where my passions will take me, what I do know is the only way to prepare me for college is get a quality education. I have recently been accepted to attend Salpointe High School in the fall as a freshman. Salpointe is a private Catholic High School located right here in Tucson Az. Salpointe is a renowned school that receives excellent reviews for both their academics as well as their sports.

Have you heard of the Arizona Private Tuition Tax Credit? If you file Arizona state taxes you will receive a dollar for dollar deduction off your total taxable liability up to the maximum amount. So in affect you are directing the State of Arizona where to spend your tax dollars. In turn I am receiving a high quality education at NO expense to you!!!

Here are the steps:

1. Determine your Arizona State tax liability by calling your tax professional or referring to last year’s taxes.

2. Go to the Institute for Better Education website at fill out the donor information and be sure to list my information when asked so the money can be directed to help me reach my goals of a high quality education. Here is my information:

Brandy Kishbaugh
Salpointe Catholic High School

3. Save your receipt to provide to your tax professional or you can enter it directly into turbo tax when asked.

It is really that simple. The website is full of information to include maximum amounts, this year it is just over $2000.00 for married status filing jointly and just over $1000.00 for single status. The Institute for Better Education can also be reached by phone at 520-512-5438. They will answer any questions that you have regarding tax credits and how they work.

Please look for my You-Tube explainer coming the week of 06/26/16 by searching Arizona Private Tuition Tax Credit. Currently there are other explainer videos on You Tube if search Arizona Private Tuition Tax Credit.

Thanks so much for your support and remember I can’t reach my goals without your help.

With love and happiness

Brandy Kishbaugh
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