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please help to roosevelt lake

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this coming Sunday 09-13-09 is my first fishing trip to Roosevelt lake. can anyone help me with the direction, where can i get some live minnows close to the lake, which place is best for crappies because i heard it a great crappies fishing and where can i launch my small boat with stroller only, it mean mean boat don't go fast and won't go far thank you so much
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go north on hwy 87 to 188 and go right stay on 188 till you pass the dam and the marina is on the left. school house point is a good place to fish for crappies.
do i buy the parking pass at the lake or at gas station
do i buy the parking pass at the lake or at the gas station?
is it faster if i go from 60 to 188
i mean 88 to 188, do i buy the parking pass there or at the gas station
if you are going to school house point going out 60 will be faster but you do drive through a few towns (speed traps) you can buy the pass at spring creek store right before you get to school house turn off and the marine shop there used to sell minnows, 88 is a pretty drive on 30 miles of dirt with narrow winding roads soooo that is not a good plan. you can also buy permits as you go through the small towns on the way out 60, 87 is great road mostly divided and you can get a tonto pass at the two bait stores there in tonto basin but you have a drive of 25+ miles over to school house launch, just reference a map.

most places that sell the tonto national forest permits will have signs on them saying they are sold there.
school house only place for fishing or some where else?
roosevelt a BIG lake now but there are lots of places to fish for crappie, but with our goofy monsoon a small boat can have trouble in 4-5' waves and wind!!!!!! if you come in from the 87/188 side there is two ramps cholla on the road side which has a dock and is well marked but a walk from where you will probably end up parking your vehicle down to the water, and on the other side of the lake you cross the normally dry tonto creek at A-cross road,about 1 1/2 miles of dirt road there is indian point launch (no dock) but with the lake down places to beach the boat and you are right at crappie fishing in the trees and easy walk from vehicle to boat. You should stop in at one of the bait stores in tonto basin and talk to the guys they both have minnows "usually" and can fill you in on spots and launches etc.
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