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Plez Again

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Ok Guys,

I posted last week asking for any report on striper fishing at plez. My trip last week didn't work out but i'm going this friday night and I have a few spots that i'm gonna try to get into some fish. I had 0 responses to my last thread so I am just wondering... Am i completely wasting my time going to pleasant to fish for stripers at night under the green light? I have caught Lots of fish doing this before but it's been a long time since i've been out. Is anyone having any success? I really don't need details. It's just encouraging to know that someone is catching them. Thanks.
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Yes I caught a bunch of nice ones last Friday. The best time of the day was after the sun rose. This lasted for a few hours.
Someone is always catching stiper at Plez.... go give it a shot.
I always use a combo green/white lights brings in more fish, it's better if you can find the combo where its the green stick with a light under it works better in my opinion. Right now it's deep or inside the river or there are alota dinks by each marina but you could always hit a small school with the biggins underneath. I can usually pull a hundred or so dinks with some nice ones. But it is true they hit right before sun down then around 11-midnight then again right before sun up. I've been using shrimp with great success and rigging one catfish pole with a whole anchovies gosh gata love that 2 pole stamp. There should be alota whites starting to come out too.
stripers at plez

i was striper fishing last weekend at plez the 12-13, got there about 4:30 in the afternoon and fished until 2:30am with one cat, got up about 4:30 and took the boat out and fished for about 4 hrs at the north end of the lake in the cove just west of humbug and caught 3 stripes ranging in size up to 3 lbs needless to say it wasn't a good trip, we also caught alot of small cats.
It will be good because the moon is getting smaller.Go in the main body around any of the islands in the middle of the lake.There are three of them when you leave the 10 ramp and go straight out to the middle of the lake.Anchor in 90 to 100 feet of water.This means you need at least 130 feet of rope.You will catch them 25 to 60 feet down with the bigger ones 40 to 60.You will need at least a 25 pound anchor.
Ok, new question. I just invested in a dip net in the hopes of netting some shad while i'm there if I can get them to come under my light. I am planning on fishing pretty deep water and I was just wondering, If I put out the green light in a shallow cove near some brush am I more likely to attract some shad than if I put it out where I'm actually gonna fish?
I just use anchovies. I use other frozen fish too. It is just to easy to hook frozen chunks of fish and stripers love them.
It is all about location. I like to choose points in the agua fria because it is the biggest river that runs into the lake naturally. As the lake gets lower move closer to the main lake. Find points that have a transition on them. This is where the bottom depth rises quick in a short distance. Best in 50 to 60 feet of water. I hate when the wind shifts directions and blows me off my spot. That is when you have to pick up the anchor and get back into the same spot. Then ten minutes later the wind switches directions again.
The best action I got last week was after the sun rose. Until about 8:30 am then the bite died down. Still using chovies when the sun rose.
Last time I back boated my friend. I had the nose over the transition and he was in shallower water. I was catching one after the other and he wasn't catching shit. And with every fish I was laughing. He figured it out and came up and dropped his line right next to mine. I told him how long to let his line out and he catches a fish as he stopped dropping the line. But I counted silently in my head and he didn't count with me. He figured that out too. But I got two more fish ahead by that time. Most of these were nice stripers. 1.5 to 3.5 lb range.
I have noticed the eggs in the females are starting to get larger pretty quick over the last three wekends. It is the next hatch. I wonder when they spawn.
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I'm gonna head out there Sat. night to try my luck. If I launch out of 10 lane what would be the closest spot to find stripers? I may be only using my electric motor cause my gas motor has been giving me fits. I would want to stay pretty close if I could.
went to cabelas today and they didn't have anchovies. anyone know who's got em?
went to cabelas today and they didn't have anchovies. anyone know who's got em?
the gas station east of the freeway on carefree hwy on the turn off of I-17.
$2.50 a bag last time i was there and they always have tons. i think its a chevron it's by the mcdonalds.
The Sportsmans Wharehouse on Baseline and Greenfield has them last I checked. I don't know if the one on 27th Ave. carries them or not. You could call em up.
went to cabelas today and they didn't have anchovies. anyone know who's got em?
The Hook Up has anchovies and they can probably help you out on the bite while you are there...
wild horse bar on carefree and lake pleasant road has them and sportsmens at I-17 and yorkshire has them. call to make sure they are not sold out?
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