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Plez Sat night stripers

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Fished plez last night, Me and my buddy started in the flotilla by the rivers mouth and only managed to pick up one striper, about 9:00 we moved to scorpion bay. About 11:30 the fishing picked up till about 2:00. Took a nap and then the bite was on. From 3:30 till 6:45 it was non stop with many doubles. This was the best quality stripers I have seen in the past two years. Fat, strong and aggressive. Most of the morning fish were 3-4 lbers, I felt like I was on lake Powell the action was so good. :hump: No top water action noted. Final tally was about 100 fish. I let me buddy keep them all (I'm a crappie guy) I did help him fillet them out this morning. Many of the quality fish were full of crayfish. I forgot how much fun stripers can be, pulling drag and making powerful runs. One thing I noted was I started out using # 2 Gamagatsu octopus hooks and I switched to a hook with a longer shank. I started missing many fish, when I switched back to the octopus I instantly started catching most of the bites I got. It was a great trip. I don't know how to add pics, Delw can you help me out? I talked to one other person at the ramp and he fished the river mouth since 0430, he said that there wasn't any top water action to be had and he didn't see anyone with fish other than us, I guess you just need to be in the right place at the right time.
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