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plez still sucks!

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posted i would be headin to plez on fri, thanx for the info in scorpion, started at visitors center next to damn and headed to scorpion at about ten. ended up loosing a good striper at shore (not gonna guess weight) and landed a few small lmb's. nuthin to write home about. all in all ended up swimmin alot and catchin a good buzz. wanna thank Jayman81 for the offer on a tow rig for the day, gonna fish again, so next time. btw, damn quagga mussels are effin everywhere. not a single rocky shore line without em on everything. very disappointed, been fishin plez since i could walk and have watched this lake slowly go down hill the last 20 years. trash everywhere, stupid stripers, and quaggas. not in a hurry to visit lake trash pit anytime soon.
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just 12 years ago it was a top ten in the nation and was feacherd in bass master mag ??wow what a change
Was out last night as well and it was horrible. It was a nice night out there albeit very warm.
Was out last night as well and it was horrible. It was a nice night out there albeit very warm.

Glad it wasn't just me. 2 dinks just before dark then NOTHING...
why do you guys fish the lake so much if it sucks that bad? how far is alamo from plez
I actually love that lake because of how tough it is. I catch a dink there and I feel like the man.
why do you guys fish the lake so much if it sucks that bad? how far is alamo from plez
Because it's close. Alamo is the 3 hours away bud
yeah alamo is another 2 1/2 to 3 hours from plez, and i would rather be at bartlett, rosey, ect. plez just sounded good when we were a "few" deep 2 nights before.
Having fished pleasant since the early 80's its a finicky lake, it runs in cycles. right now its one of those suck cycles. in 2005/2006 its was incrediable, in 1999 -2001 it was in credable.
Much of it has to with the amount of rains we get. during the monsoons. during very heavy monsoons flooding type the fishing is great that winter and through the next year than slowly starts to go back down hill.

Some Guys are still catching really nice fish and good numbers as well out of that lake, but they know how to fish it and know what to use, they know were the fish hang out.

the other thing is we had a pretty late summer and a really weak monsoon that I believe contributes to how the fishing is, other lakes alamo rosy bartlett get the same thing just not as drastic as pleasant is. these lakes also got some pretty good monsoon storms as well so thats helps.
Also unlike the other lakes pleasant is fed by the canal from the colorado, it doesnt get the nuetrients like the other lakes do except when the monsoons are really good.


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I tend to agree with you, but I think the late fall to early spring run off has a little greater influence over a lake's nutrients. We need a couple of those two to three day drenchers that turn it to chocolate milk.
Pleasent is where I learned how to use a graph. Before the new dam was built Pleasent had a stain to the water. That is the way a lake should be. I learned how to use a graph after the water turned gin clear. Like Delw said the southwest has been in a drought for ten years now. If we get some good rain the lakes will get better. I still like Pleasent. Been fishing Pleasent for almost 25 years and I love that lake. I only Striper fish at night this time of year. I don't like dropshotting bass in 60 feet of water because that is where they go. It takes forever to get to that depth and having to stick a rat is gay. But in the past years I have gotten into some nice surface action before dark this time of year. If you go enough it will happen. I have a Lowarnce HD and I found large schools of stripers in numerous places on the lake, next time I will write down gps cordinates for everyone. Which will be tonight. I will help the Striper Killing cause.
Gonna have to Peña Blanca it to get rid of the mussels...
Once these mussels are in the lake. It is damn near impossible to grt rid of them and with the canal feeding that lake. Good luck. Wish it could happen
The lake isn't bad you just have to know how to fish it like Delw and desert said. I am mainly a striper fisherman since my boat can't run that quick across the lake, but I also do some of the late evening topwater before dark and early mornin bite. I always catch stripers and get atleast a dozen on top water, whether it be a LB, Striper, or White. Very good days ill pull way over 100 dinks with a dozen or so in 2-4 pounds(Stripers), Always catch a few carp a half dozen Whites, and some LM. People who don't know the lake or how it works get skunked allot or have a really rough time. But I do have to say this year has been kinda funny on how the fish were biting from the last few.
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