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Police/Fire/Military Tourney October 26, 2009

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This year's Police/Fire/Military Tourney will be held at Bartlett Lake on Monday, October 26th, 2009. It will run from safe light to 3pm. You can sign up at the lake at the main parking lot on sunday after 3pm or monday prior to launch. Entry fee is $150 and includes big fish option. Those that fished last year can tell you we had a great time. Those staying at the lake sunday night can drop by the rv for happy hour and can cook out with us. We will feed everyone monday after weighin. Any questions, please call me at 602-690-0803 or email me at [email protected]. Thanks,


ps. Shura no excuses this year! You need to be there:) Ruddy you too!
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Can I just give my money to Matt, and still fish it????
Can it be a military/civilian boat team or do both have to be civil service/military?

If both, anyone got a backseat for a Guard Firefighter?
I'll be there again! Hope more Fire come out for this tourney. I see Matt will be there!
ya do both partners need to be police/fire/military or just many boats did you get last year. sound fun I'll have to try to make it.
Franklin, are you down?
about 20 boats last year. both people have to be police/fire/military. If you are in a hurry to get responses to other questions, please call me as I do not get on here that often. 602-690-0803
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