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Portable 1Fast Inflator - Float Tubing

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There is a place I like to fish that is walk in access only. Heavy brush.

Dragging my canoe is not even possible even with a partner and with a canoe dolly. There is only a small portion of it I can fish from the bank or by wading. I was thinking I could pack in a light duty float tube deflated in my pack, but I need to be able to inflate it in a reasonable period of time. Any of you guys have a suggestion. Something small enough to be packable and can inflate the tube in a short period of time to full pressure?

Remember I also have to pack in water, (a snack if I stay all day) and my fishing gear along with reasonable safety gear. I do have some survival gear filter bottles so that might be an option to save some space in my bag for fishing gear.

I have to be selective about gear as well. The brush is so thick in some places I would hesitate to try it with a full frame pack. An internal frame large day pack is about as big as I would try to get trrough with. Last time I used a shoulder bag and it was pretty tough in a few places.
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Looks like a JacPac regulator and a paint ball bottle may be the way to go. I'll need to go price them on Monday.
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