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Pro Swimbaits

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I have been a fan of these things for a while now, but I tear the nose up bad after only a couple of fish. Anybody know of a fix for this or a brand without the issue? Thanks in advance.
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Using a screw lock hook for me helps with the tearing issue. Also if your not using a screw lock and are using a weighted hook, make sure to start your hole in your bait with the pointed end, remove and than wet your eye of the hook and fish it through backwards through the nose of the bait. Other than that.... Mend it!
+23 mend it
+24 mend it
Thanks for the tips guys, already rigging the hook through the belly, the FISH are the ones doing the damage. Sounds like Mend-It or some superglue will be best here. Time to tinker with some materials!!
Those are some great swimbaits. I have found that Topshelf Swimbaits last a little longer and are very similar.
superglue doesnt work as good as the huddleston glue or mend it!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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