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Okay so it's not Shimano. I love Shimano. I have found myself throwing more cranks lately, and wanted a so-called 'crankin' reel for my 'crankin' rod (A 7' falcon light action Low Rider....flimsy tip but good feel and flex when a fish hits). The reel arrived yesterday and I slapped it on the rod, spooled with 10lb BPS line. Its a great looking reel, and the sides are graphite to give you better feel. More on that later. I tested it out with a Poes deep diving crank in the pool at my apartment complex, at about 10:30 at night. No swimmers were harmed in this test but I did manage to wierd out the two good looking girls that live around the corner from me. Anyways, the reel has a 4. something gear ratio, and it works the cranks at a nice slow speed. Even when I tried to crank it fast, it still wasnt 'too fast' like you might get with a higher speed reel like a Curado........the reel casts great once I played with the adjustments a little (The instructions are in the box and are pretty cut and dry). The graphite on the sideplates really gets you in touch with your bait, but feeling with the rod I use is already good due to it being an all graphite rod. You guys that throw the glass rods should notice a little more sensitivity. All in all, its a great reel for a sale price of 50 bucks. I was going to get a 3.8 Curado, but I just saved myself about 70 bucks with this. Cant wait to get it on some water with fish in it though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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