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DElw,i just got done reading how you and da are punks(take that w/a grain of salt),so whats going on ,is this site shutting down??If so what is the plan for the future??Ive been using this site(in one way or another) since the begining,and sure would hate not to have it around as a resource.

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Tr you know me I take everything with a grain of salt.

no one tried to steal the site from anyone , we tried to keep it up and running and have succeeded so far.

I happen to work on a pc all day so I am on the boards alot, I have the time to keep it up and running rather than letting it go down the tubes.

I dont want to see it shut down azbasspro is a good site. ray has the name its up to him what he does with it.
if it does shut down da and I will probally start a new one up like the one we configured here as a test site.
The home page is awsum that Da built and has lots of info.
we just havent put it up yet for public opinion.
with all the crap going on I am tempted to put it up, but that is da's page and he would have to say yes or no.


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