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I love the boat ramps, seeing the idiots there makes me appreciate the quality of the people of MMBC. 4 guys had a pick up truck backed up to the water, couldn't even back the truck up so that it only used one spot. They pulled out a small aluminum boat, unloaded all their crap on the ramp and took up 2+ spots doing that, Dorks. It was at least 20 minutes before they finally had all their crap in the boat. They finally got the boat tied to the dock, Mrs S. launched me and we be gone :D. I wonder if these people ever watch anyone that knows how to launch a boat. Maybe they aren't going to enjoy fishing, they just enjoy the launch process and make it last as long as possible :?: Spidey
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ol' Bill? Yer suggestion makes too damn much sense fercripesakes! Them there govment fellas don't like citizens showin' them up so's it ain't gonna happen. But I'll tell ya what, the problem ain't with folk like you whose seem ta know what there doin'. No sirree, the problem is with them there idiots who couldn't back a tiny trailer inta a american west hanger tryin' to launch at saguaro!! We gotta keep 'em out I tell ya. So let's us make it harder for 'em. Yah, make it so's they gotta go ta Pleasant or sumthin'. Make it so's ramp #1's gotta turn in it too and I say make it a friggin' obstacle course. Put concrete dividers between the ramp lanes, big thick ones too. An while we're at it, fercripesakes, lets make it so's only bass boats kin park on the lower levels and them pwc's kin only park at the top of the damn hill!
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Yah, but then how's you gonna launch fercripesakes?
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