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:evil: That's what these people are! It took nearly 1 year for us to get our licsense plate for our boat trailer, because they never sent in the paperwork to MVD. They will not call people back, our friend is having major issues now with Arizona Boat Store, with warrenty problems...they won't even call him back! As for Tracker Marine they had to change their name because they had such a bad rap!

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Hello Jeannie
We also had to take our paperwork to MVD & AZGF to get the mistakes fixed they had made. :evil: We have had nothing but problems with them. And still have major issues that have not been resolved' I'm not sure what store you bought your boat from .We bought ours from the store they now call the az boat center. I don't know if is going to help anyone by posting. But maybe it will get the word out so knowbody else gets screwed.
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