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Red Tiger Oscar

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Anybody want this fish? He is about 8 inches long. I have him in a 110 gallon tall tank. I used to have my tank setup with African Cichlids (Mbuna) and when we moved last fall we decided to get an Oscar. We decided we like a tank with lots of fish and not just one big one. So we are either going back to just African Chichlids or possibly sell the entire setup and be done. Anyhow....I want to get rid of him. I am near Ray Rd and I-10.

PM if interested.....
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you can teach those things quite easily to eat live gold fish out of your hand. They will jump up out of tank to get them. Did he kill all your other fish? They will also jump out of tank if they feel crowded. When pools dry up in the amazon they jump form one pool to the next (or so I have readis the speculation on why they often end up on the floor if in a crowded tank. Cool fish though. We fed one a huge live lizard once it could only get the head and front legs in it's mouth it swam around for a day or two with the back end hanging out. We fed them crickets, cockroaches, spiders, those fish will eat about anything.
On the fish tank subject, I went into a fish store on Bell Rd and I-17 looking around and I find a peacock bass in one tank, the fish was approx 6 inches long and resembled a peacock although I have not seen one let alone a juvenile. I go and ask the owner (not a clerk) and he informs me that they are a new but highly sought after fish, and extremely aggressive. The largest fish they had was in a tank by itself, the guy told me someone turned that particular fish in due to the fact that it was destroying everything in its tank. He had that one, two that were about half that size in another tank and he lead me to a tank full of babies.

How about some of those in plez?
He ate everthing else except our algae eaters and two silver dollars. We had planned on him eating everything but the silver dollars. I am suprised the algae eaters are still around.
I flipped a oscar at Plez a few years back. Was taking it to F&G to have it id but a guy on shore told me what it was. He took it home. Mean ass fish.

I would take it, but my Peacock would eat it...

Peacocks are great and I would love to "theoretically stock" them in the lake by the house, but they would die in the winter (needs to stay warm, that's why they only live in South America and a narrow area of Florida...).

I have raised a lot of Oscar's smart fish and aggressive, but compared to my Peacock, pussys...
there is a bunch of siclets (sp) in the pond at the park by 12th street and hatcher. my buddy still has one we caught. caught it on a yamamoto single tail.
I flipped a oscar at Plez a few years back. Was taking it to F&G to have it id but a guy on shore told me what it was. He took it home. Mean ass fish.
i pulled a 10" walleye out of plez about 5 or 6 yrs. ago. and a smallie about 3 yrs. ago. how they got there i got no idea.
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