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replacing bunk boards

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I'm going to re-carpet the bunks on the trailer. I figure to do the job right, I'll replace the boards and bolts too.

Question #1; what type of wood is used for the bunk boards and what size? I know the length.

Question #2; do you seal the wood with a marine varnish prior to carpeting the boards? Or is that making the job much more difficult than it has to be?

I already have the carpet and staple gun. All I need is some wood.

I don't want to use Ned02's style of installation though. I don't need to be upside the head while installing the boards. :)
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Thanks for reminding me SKIPPER. I used fiberglass resin to coat mine. Very potent stuff though, I was buzzed for two days after doing it! I also used pine 2x6 boards.
Matt I did use pressure treated wood on Del's advice but no glue I stuck the carpet on while the resin was still wet and it stuck like glue.
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