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revo premier drag vs stx

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I'm hoping someone out there has a revo premier and a stx and can give me some feedback to determine if I got a problem with the premier drag or if it's a lot more wimpy.

I tighten the premier drag all the way and I still can pull line of the spool. It never seems to get very tight. With the stx a couple of clicks on the drag and you notice quite a difference with my premier not very much change with quite a few clicks.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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I have both. The STX drag is significantly more powerful than the Premier drag. If you tighten the Premier drag with both hands the line will not peel with direct pull at the reel. The Premier drag is comparable to the green Curado B. I believed you can get after market drag disc to enhance the drag.
The STX drag is one of the highest rated drags out there in bass reels. I believe it is rated at 22 lbs. Most good reels are rated around 10 to 12 lbs.
That's what is wrong with the premier and there new reals, they are lighter but do not have the backbone. Just my observation if any one has seen them.
The Premier drag is weaker than the stx, (1) disc vs (3) 0n the stx, i plan on seeing if i can add a disc to make it better......
my stx has a much heavier drag tham the premier, and yes it is rated at 22lb verse i think 18 lb for the premier.
Super Smooothies! The replacement drag disks are the best I have ever seen. They also sell washers so you can upgrade, if you have room.
Last week i was at The Hook Up... They were on sale.

Nice reels but I'm a Shimano/Zillion fan.
the 09 stx are rated at 24lbs on the 6:4:1 and 18lbs on the 7:1:1 ratio. I only have the 7.1's and it's the best drag rating I have ever used. not sure on the premiers.
The new premier's drag is supposed to be better
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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