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Hey officer!
No boat yet. Still looking, but first, I have to sell the Grand Prix GT. I've been on the water,but at the other end of the valley (Bartlett). NastyBasser has offered to try me out for the MBC tourneys coming up(as a back seater). I have to see if I can adopt to his style of fishing (topwater). I hope I can. What ever it takes to get to the water, even if it skips me. I'm on vacation starting the 21st, so hopefully, I can find a backseat for Saguaro. I'll even buy breakfast at the Marina, I mean the resturant at the top of the hill. I definately don't want to feed anybody the bait from the marina. Gives the old term " he waited for a hit with baited breath" a new meaning! Thanks for asking! I sure miss you guys/gals. You showing me the 5 pounder I missed on the point, Ken calling me a peckerwood and catching fish under my boat, d a hollering across the lake when he sticks two 8 pounders on buzzbaits, John & Wendy vacuuming the lake of yellows and LM's with Kastmasters, Rippinlipps "Ricosuave" moves, Bill and Karen showing me that husbands & wifes can fish together happily! Tightlines!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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