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Roosevelt 9/3

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Fished from 0730-1300
Caught 7 overs, a crap load of slots and a couple of unders.
all caught 25-35' deep on T/Rs
Launched at Cholla and never went beyond the Marina.
Not alot of moving around, found a spot and stuck with it all day. I did see some young bass popping some shad on the surface mid day, but nothing worth throwing a lure at. Thursday is an awesome day to fish, there were MAYBE 6 boats on the lake.
Go deep and go green for right now, but it won't be long before the topwater starts in full swing.
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how big were your 7 overs? all over 5 pounds?
no biggest was maybe 3.5, the rest were 2.5-3. Biggest measured 17 3/4"
Sounds like your trip was a lot better that Rick and i , we put the boat in at 6:30 pm from school house and fished til about 9:30 and didnt geta bite weather was getting really nasty with a lot of lightning so we pulled out early . went out again friday morning and stayed til about noon again no bites tried just about everything we had , just wasnt our weekend i guess.
Great Report flyer..... had a couple nice weekends there a while back...same type but near Windy...Sounds like they are that way around most of the lake..
Shotman was right we threw everything in the tacklebox at them and Nada. The only thing I caught was a sunburn it was "HOT,HOT,HOT I can tell you this much I won't be out there during the day for at least another month. No way in hell would I have wanted to be fishing a tourney today.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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