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Fished Sunday from 0730 until 1200. Tried to get there by first light but we sat with Spiderman in the traffic on the Bush Hwy (Rollover Accident) Tried the jig thing in the Tonto arm along with the Salt arm and by the marina. Notta never got a bit. I guess the crappie took the day off. We loaded up at 1200 for Apache. See the next post.


I too was on the water this morning at Rosey from first light untill 1200. I took my two boys out for some Crappie fishing. We only caught one (windy Hill area) and it was about 1.5 lbs. We did happen to catch 5 bass all under but one (15") and one bream. It was a tough day. I don't really know the lake that well so I am sure that was a factor.

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