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Rosey 9-03-09

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Beautiful day but the fishing sucked. We caught 5 green carp, nada slabs. Either the storm the night before shut them down or they are feeding heavy on this moon. There were some good signs however. There sre tons of shad and tons of greebs. The lake has dropped, the mouth of Wye Cove is now 45' Deep, the bouy line at Schoolhouse is 25'. We did find some big school on the bouy line, out in the middle of the lake. But they were stacked up vertically from 5' to 15' and inactive. Alot of trees are now out of the water. If the lake drops another 10', the Crappie will have to move out into open water. No more trees to hide in.

Prey for good whether, next Saturday's meeting could be good!
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At least it was better than a day at work, right? :)
What's a crappie look like? I's been so long.
What's a crappie look like? I's been so long.
I think they look like real big pan fish. Some folks call them Calico Bass but they're not green and aren't related to carp. I call them Chow-da!
you should of come over to salle-mae cove
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