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Rosey - 9/28 Day shift

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Hit Schoolhouse about 7:30 AM, started working main lake points toward Windy Hill. Wind/waves got nasty so we headed for Grapevine cove to wait it out (swamped the %$&*ing boat in the process of getting there too).

Worked around the cove, got 2 unders and one slot on T-Rig worms, one under on a crank, and lost a definite over at the boat on the crank.

Lake Lice started moving in around 1:00, so we called it a day.

The three T-rig fish came out of 8-10 feet in heavy brush, really light hits on a slow retrieve. The two crank fish came off of a hump in 12-15' of water and were considerably harder strikes. T-rigs were my "secret" weapon, crank was a 300 Series Bandit in "Purple Haze".

Given the wind and the fact that it was hotter than the fires of hell, I call it a successful trip, can't wait to try it again!!
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if I was calling my shot 27 days early I would have a better day.
Whoops!! Good catch there!! Muscle relaxers and keyboards don't mix!!
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