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Anyone getting a crankbait bite there??
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Yeah there is always a crank bite at rosy. Change colors every 10 mins until you find the color of the day. Remember the most important thing with a crank is the cadance you fish it. Tip#1 learn to walk the crank through bushes and trees with out getting hung and you'll increase your numbers.
Tip#2 When bit in the trees and bushes hold rod tip high and power that fish to the boat. This will keep you from losing your fish and your lure to the trees or bushes. good luck
I wish I could pattern fish on cranks.
usually blades do well. just "tic" the trees and see if you get reaction. Sometimes if you let the blade fall into the tree after you "tic" it, wait a second or two then retrieve. You'll get hung once in awhile, but it does work!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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