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Rosy during the week (this week)

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Mr. bass and I couldnt make it to rosy today, something came up at work for him and I really need to get some more work done as well.
however I need to prefish for next weekends ABF tourny and plan on going up tuesday or thursday. If someone wants to go up and fish rosy let me know. I am waiting on an answer from Da. I am hoping he can make it. if he dont my back seat is open.
I would prefer someone who isnt fishing ABF. But it really dont matter.

I live on the west side(67th and peoria) if your on the east side you would have to meet me around fountain hills unless its on my way to rosy IE the outer loop.

email me at [email protected]

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We didnt go either......Guess its gonna boil down to who can find fish, good fish, and catch em....
Del looks like im taking thursday off....I plan on hitting Rosy early thursday if you wanna go???
Del you have mail. :D
Cool kurt I will do thursday also.

Brad you have it back.

delw you have mail!
I was there all day Friday and it was downright miserable! Mind you, it still be working. Things must have improved just slightly on Sat.
I hope they do! Miguel, I heard you even started fishing for crappie? WTF??? :shock:
You heard right. That's how bad it was. It was probably a good thing, since that's what kept me from the dreaded blanking!
Did you try fishing deep? :roll:
A friend of mine was there on Sat pre fishing, he caught over 60 bass. they ate up his supply of worms. now i have to pour him some more. Tijuana tomane is the color :?
are you sure that was the color of the plastic or the stuff he was smoking? made an appearance there on friday also.
I am the only one that has the recipe for it, and i know he does not puff the hippy grass
fished a best bet tourney there a couple a weeks ago 8.5 lbs
won the tourny 6 fish weigh in. most of our fish were on
d-shot, s-shot and jiggin spoons.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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