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Rosy help please

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Here is the deal. I haven't been night fishing at all this year. I have 1 shot to catch some bass. More importantly, I'm fishing with my 14 year old cousin. He has never really gotten into the numbers that I know the lake can produce and would really like to get him on a good bite. We are going Saturday night, are limited on the amount of travel as the boat we will be in is smaller. I'm thinking we would put in at the marina, hit rock island and/or the dam. Dark color plastics like black/blue or black/red, carolina rig or shakey head from 10 to 30 feet. Can anyone give me some info from recent trips? What would you do if you were all in on one trip for the summer but were limited to a few areas? Thanks for any help, I want this kid to put some fish in the boat - looking for numbers, not size.
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I would start at bass point and work the rocky bank towards the damn. Drop shot Trig Crig shakey head all will work. Watermelon/red has been good and after dark blk/blue. There is a couple of tourneys tonite so im sure there will be 39753329 boats on bass point just get in where you can and fish that bank headed towards tonto. Good luck and get that boy on some fish. I may see you out there what kinda boat you going to be in Ill look for you Im in an older blue Ranger if you see me give me a hollar.
Think you have a good handle on technique and worm color. You might also try the flooded marina ramp and the point by it and the point where the sheriff's dock is behind the marina.

We'll be in an older blue Terry 14', silver E-rude. Thanks for the info. My Uncle is going with us so too so the pressure is really on!
rosy night fishing

Hey bud, long time no hear from. Glad to see you get to do some fishing. McBride and I went up a few weeks back and knocked the crap out of them. Black trick worms t-rigged or shakey, westys in black yellow, and black-blue creatures. Bass point to mystery Island and the steep bank from the bridge to the marina. Good luck. Let me know how you guys did.
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