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Sorry to have been the cause of so much mystery. The past two months have been too much for me. Work, selling and buying a house, moving 20 years of crap, etc. simply left no time for Internet or -- yuk!!! -- fishing. My boat is in the (new) garage with dry rot, and hasn't even seen a charger let alone water in nearly two months. My only contact with you guys was that phone call to Da from Memphis, where while changing planes I failed to find Elvis. I am trying to play a little catch up now, and having quite a time reading some old posts on various local websites. Not much need to read between the lines on some of those posts -- wow do some folks need to find a sense of humor!!! Anyhow, for better or worse I am back and will try to find more posting time as over the next two months we try to finish moving into the new house. Only 14,375 boxes left to unpack. Fortunately, most of them contain fishing tackle.
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