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Delw: What ever happen at the round table meeting? Would be
real interested to know what came about on the Big Bass Days
topic. Not that I'm a snitch or something, but we here at Tempe
Marine have been interested in what you had to say about it and
what happened at the meeting.

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After the last one with mayberry(cough choke). I got a call from John Coppock(sp). (not the meeting we just had)

John came over to the house for a quick meeting so to speak and it ended up being3-4 hours. Lots of good came out of it. I think alot might change.

I know for a fact and always knew they wouldnt change the dates(but it was worth a try) there are other things that will be changed(this is what I am told) I believe this is a start.
we talked about the cheating aspect , and they need volenteers(bigbassdays dont have the manpower), this should be easy and maybe the federation would get involved. I also recieved a few emails from people saying they would volenteer.
Talked about the amount of fish left in the live well after the people weigh in there fish(some people have 4-6 fish in thier live well while weighing in there first fish) this will be stopped by a live well check when they bring the fish to weigh-in( a boat check).
Your only allowed one fish per person in the livewell at all times.

Boat checks before the tourny and maybe during the tourny might be done(kinda hard to due since you can launch anywhere on the lake).

The river will have people(again volenteers) watching to make sure its not fished on the table mesa road area.

There will be people checking the lake the day before and all during the tourny. to make sure people arent sititng on the fish or have there livewells filled before the tourny starts in the am.

There are some good things that we talked about that I told John I wouldnt discuss until we talked before the latest meeting, in which we both were unable to attend.
I heard mayberry was there. I also heard the weigh-in guy(from bbds) was at that meeting and he was real professional and answered questions. and didnt seem to make excuess's.

At the last min. I just couldnt make it to that meeting, but it was just as well since I really didnt want to get into it with mayberry again after John and I talked.

Bottom line is BBD'S know they have problems and are working to correct them(thats what I am told, until they lie to me I'll believe they are telling the truth) oh and you know if I feel I have been lied to or decieved everything will be told 8)

One thing for sure they didnt have to call me and set up a meeting, they could have just blown it off.

SO tell me what have you there at tempe marine think of all this. I know your a sponsor whats your opinion?
I remember I went to get parts from you for a yamy just after that crap with kip on azod and when I walked in you knew exactly who I was.(handed you that bag of weights) I didnt know if I was going to leave dead or alive :wink:

Very few people speak up about these things but yet when your at a bass club meeting or on the water all you hear is bitching.
The part that the federation stands behind big bass days was the biggest joke ive heard. I think bbds also relize's that the federation doesn't really stand behind them in numbers maybe the management does, but then its just like our old president clinton the people thought he was a fool and monica thought he was cute.

One thing to remember I am really a nobody that BBDS has to answer to, they didnt have to even call me. I just happen to raise the big rucuss over it. 8)



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Can't speak for the management, but I know that hopefully
everything can be resolved on this issue. BBD's has done
a lot to get your everyday Bass fisherman out in a tournament
environment, without the large entry fee. It also gives the guy
who does not fish the big tourneys a chance to win some money
and possibly a truck/boat.

Glad to hear that John has taken the time to help resolve any
issues you have with the tournament.

BBD will not be able to make everyone happy, but knowing John
and Rich, they'll try the best they can.
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