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Ruger 357. mag

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I just bought a .357 mag and it shoots .38 fine but when i went to put the .357's in i had to kinda force them in. It seemed like they were a little to long? then it is really hard to push them out. Is this normal?
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a few things
what make and modle gun is it?
how many rounds have you shot 38s through it?
are the 357's reloads or factory ammo?

Reason I ask.
#1 to verify its a 357/38
#2 cause alot of time shooting 38s only will build up junk/gunk in the cylinder and being a .357mag is longer it will tend to bind up just a good cleaning will fix this problem. also if it had 38s in it for a long time, dust colleted in the cylinder and again just needs a good cleaning.
#3 reloads if they are done in correctly will swage out the front part of the case and cause the case to be bigger in dia. makeing you have to force them in.


Plus one on Dels #2 answer.
I shot half a box of .38's and the bullets are not reloads, i tried Fiocchi and blazzer amo. I will give it a good cleaning and see if that helps.
i had the same issue back in the day with the wife's s&w the bristle wire brush REAL GOOD in the cylinders.
all the advice above is good , one thing i suggest is useing a semi-jacketed bullet will help keep the lead buildup down . If your not comfortable useing the 357 for home defence try a 38 + p .when useing 357's try to keep to a major named brand factory loads .
Keep in mind if you bought the gun used chances are it will have lead build-up in the barrel and cylinders a good cleaning should help.
I shot half a box of .38's and the bullets are not reloads, i tried Fiocchi and blazzer amo. I will give it a good cleaning and see if that helps.
were you shooting lead semi wadcutters by chance in the 38" these will leave a mess in the cylinder.

1/2 box on a new gun doesnt sound that there would be a problem. are you 100% sure the gun is a .357mag?

one other thing blazzer and fiocchi are junk get a box of winchesters/remington to keep around the house. or better yet goto a gun store take your gun, hand it to the guy behind the counter and ask him to pop some .357 mags in the cylinder. this way you know your getting quality ammo and you wont have to buy a box.

If your 100% sure its a .357 gun and its new then the problem is more than likely the ammo out of spec on the diameter. More than likely around the canular(sp) ring just below the bullet or the crimp is set to tight and its bulged slightly.

That all being said if it is a .357mag there is no problem pushing the tight bullet in as it wont hurt the gun

+1 with the fiocchi and and blazer being peice of sh!t ammo. and the cleaning of lead. a 357 mag should load and unload 357 and 38 easily. not that i don't shoot the blazer and fiocchi ammo out of my 357's. i just know they'll swell and get stuck on occasion.and my gun will need cleaned for SURE after shooting that cheap range ammo.
The gun is used and that ammo was not my first choice it was all i could find. I am going to clean it tomorow and i will let you know if it helps, thanks for the advice.
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