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Launch time will be at safe light( or in my case about 8:30 am)
weigh-in will be at 2pm. Not 2:05.
weigh-in will be held at the north west corner of the big parking lot before the org boat ramp( forget the name of it).
Randy will be coming from lake pleasant after doing a tourny on the 16th at lake pleasant. he will show up before noon. You will see his trailer there.

Jason will be in charge of livewell checks(he's always on time)

Life Vest MUST be worn By all when big motor is on

Safe light till 2pm

5 Fish Limit

12 inches and over, mouth closed, tail pinched on Golden Rule

No trolling

Live Bass (largemouth or small mouth)only to be weighed in

Big Fish breaks tie

Live well check at ramp before start of tournament


Absolutely no Alcohol before or during, Which includes NO Alcohol in your boat period.

Must have a Working Livewell

2 Adults per boat MAX , Kids Can fish with you , and you can have 2, 3 ,4 kids including 2 adults as long as your boat is rated for it.


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Sorry thought I put this in

April and I will pick up all the food and drinks,

Samario is bringing lots of water

what we have so far is
hot dogs, buns and all that stuff
april is making some mexican stuff also, Its pretty good ( I even like it) beans, shredded pork, some kinda of sauce.

what we are going to do is charge $35 dollars for the tourny per boat $5.oo of that will be for the food expenses anything left over goes towards payouts.

ANy one wants to bring anything else feel free.

to add to this list in the food thread

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