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Sag 12/13/03

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They don't call me Skunked for nutten... :roll: Actually I think it's only the second time I've been skunked at Sag. Last time was Friday Dec 13, 2002. ...that's the day I lost my trolling motor and my prop hub. Today I noticed a different problem. I'm not fishing on Dec. 13th anymore...

Maybe I should hire Joe's friend to show me what's up... :wink:

Anyway, had a good day and saw some good friends (D A, Rippinlips, Josh (good to finally meet you)). Didn't have any luck spooning deep or with Senko's along the banks. Had a good visit with my cousin Jeff though. Looking forward to getting out there again - first trip in 6 weeks.
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Saguaro was a bit slow today. When we first got to our secret spot to use our secret bait, da was in my secret half of the lake and stopped by. He told us he had caught a few bass earlier and the bite turned off before we got there. After a bit,Baxter was tired of watching us do nothing, so he back hopped on da's boat and back seated with da for a bit. I think da enjoyed it, he actually smiled a couple of times. (It may have been gas) Toad managed one just short of 4 pounds on a crank bait in the narrows. Only yellows for me, again. Chatted with Rippinbladder and Josh. They looked pretty bored too. Oh wait, I didn't see Rippingbladder, he wasn't fishing, he was home following doctor's orders. Nice day on the lake, minimal traffic and parking at ramp 2 was a treat. No ramp rage for Toad today. Dave.
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da, Aweome afternoon fishing. Wished I could have enjoyed some of that. More importantly, I was very interested to hear that you and Baxter had that discussion. I guess I have been neglecting him a bit, and haven't been there to listen when he needed help. I should of recognized that look as you two putted away. I am guessing that he gave you some fishing insights. My plans for next week are to take the cat (Herm) and Baxter for a boat ride some rainy, windy night. Rainwear, dark glasses, long johns, burlap bag, concrete block.... :twisted: I think you have the picture. I think Baxter is feeling better already. He just dragged the cat's blanket out to the dumpster. Thanks for your help Doctor Da'il.
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