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Rob and I went out yesterday morning and ended up finding where the yellows went. Got 10, most were decent enough to keep and eat! Went back out last night with a friend of mine. 1st time she and I fished together and we had a blast! Didn't catch a thing but time well spent. Saw Rippinlips and Bayou last night too! I just get there, get out of the truck and hear this RUDE "hey! you can't park there!". I knew someone had better be joking. It was Bill and I told him I could park anywhere I pleased! He offered to back us in, which I took him up on. Thanks Bill! Then had my 1st experience of loading in the dark. NOW I see (or don't see) what you mean by just using your parking lights while on the ramp! I apologized to the bright lights I hit while backing the trailer. :oops: Ha! gotcha! I was just kidding! No problems! :lol:
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