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Sag 9/26 - Where's the Three Amigo's Report?

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:twisted: :twisted: How about it guys? Where's your report at?
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Too Funny :lol:
ROFLOL!! :lol:

Nice touch with the crankbaits stuck on their hats!
that is funny!!!!! :lol:
Great job NC! LMBO! :lol:
Funny! Why does the littlest guy have the biggest head?? :shock:
Fishing report: we caught some fish :!: Rico's and dropshot.
Remind me I owe you one.
Was gonna shrink the head and add a tail...... :lol: And you don't owe can figure out which DD guy to thank for the idea!
:shock: Why those guys look like..... Hey! We're steppin up in the world, we're no longer the three stooges! LOL!
I was still smiling and shaking my head from da's picture of Baxter's buoy,then Nightcrawler's post. It was excellant to have a good laugh, thank you. As for "The 3 Amigos". Is this a promo for a fishing movie? If so, I want a copy. As for Baxter's buoy. I knew nothing about that, I am still focusing on out how to legally paint suggestions at the ramp. All I know is that da took him fishing 3 days last week, and today Baxter was able to drive the boat right up to Thong beach. Baxter even beeped the horn before he hit the kill switch. Nice training da. Cindy and grand-daughters were with today. Thanks da.
So Spidey, how did Toad (minus the Chuckle) do again today??
Amigo Numero Uno
The Three Amigos

How funny N.C. . By the way Skunked that rod & reel you are holding looks very familiar, where did you get it ? Delmart ? Hey Ripinlips;just for the record I was not skunked ( no pun intended) today,unlike someone else we know;and I don't mean Baxter.
Daphne, you are hilarious! Great Job! You guys are killing me! :lol:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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