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I just caught my biggest bass at Sag. I walked down to the shoreline to fish for about an half hour before I had to get around for work this evening.

I made several casts and came up empty which is what I was expecting seeing the fish have been so deep lately.

I decided to make one more cast. I was using a 1/2 ounce black jig with a black crawl attached. While work the bait back in, I made it approx. 6 feet from shore and decided to say the heck with it and reeled it quick. While reeling it in it stopped like I was snagged. All of a sudden my line start to move and the fight was on.

Well I finally got it to shore and it was a hawg in my book. 7 lb easy. My entire fist fit in its mouth with no problem. Found this out because it inhailed the bait.

Bad thing is I looked at the fish and the house several times. Wife and kids just left for town and no one around to take a picture of with me :evil: .

Well just looked at her and gently thanking her for the fight and placed back in the water and watched her swim away.

Called the wife and told her she was grounded from going into town anymore. :shock: (That went over well).

Well gotta go to work Iam little charged from the fish.
Just thought I would share the story. Like I said it was my biggest Sag Bass ever and she was beauty.

Way to go big guy!! Nice fish!! That would have won you huge money on Pleasant today! Big fish was around 4.5 pounds. Good job! Matt
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